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TECHBOOZE Campus Ambassador Program is a campus connect program that aims to form a network of like-minded students across India. The program facilitates and nurtures future leaders of the country and contributes to their career growth. We want to empower and groom some selected students across India who will serve as Techbooze community representatives in their respective institutions in order to empower the career prospects of the people.

This program would give students an opportunity to experience the Techbooze work culture and work values which can be incremental in building a foundation for their professional life. This also gives students a chance to apply their academic learnings in a real-world setting.


This three-month-long program, which begins on the 28th of July 2019, will reward the Ambassador with exclusive benefits and an opportunity to collaborate with Techbooze after successful completion of the program.



What a Campus Ambassador will do :


  1. Ideate on and execute innovative campaign plans.

  2. Organize events related to students demand.

  3. Work on live marketing projects for the brand.

  4. Enrol more students in the organization.

  5. Strategise and drive Word of Mouth in campus events and activities.


Benefits of a Campus Ambassador:


  1. An Internship opportunity.

  2. A monthly stipend (INR 5000- INR 15000); performance-based.

  3. 1 Year Free Membership and Merchandise.


Criteria to qualify as a Campus Ambassador :


  1. You are inquisitive and opportunistic.

  2. You think outside the box and are open to new opportunities.

  3. You want to develop your Leadership Skills.

  4. You have a “Never Settle” attitude.



For more details and registrations head to or write a mail to

We’re excited to kick off the Techbooze Campus Ambassador Program and we wish all the applicants good luck!

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