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A Network of 421 Investors Worldwide  

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How does it work?

Dont have the Fundraising-Plans with you? 


  • Apply for the Startup Registration Form.

  • Our Startup Relationship Team will contact you for the KYC Verification.

  • Once it is done the submitted plans will be verified for eligibility purposes.

  • If the startup is selected by our team, A Summarized 2 Page plan will be made by our team. It will be submitted to the "INVESTOR'S FORUM" ( A Forum of 418+ Global Investor's) and 

  • If selected, You will be taken to the next step for an on table interaction with us and the investors.

  • You have to pitch in front of the investors.

  • If approved, you will receive funding within a month or two from the date of approval by the investors.

  • We take a percentage in the received funding as a fee. We don't charge until the funding is received by the Startup/Company.

  • If rejectedYou will be provided a report to specify all the pinpoints you missed.

  • The Startup can Opt again for up to 3 Times. After that, they have to pay a Repetition Fee of 50 USD per submission.