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Techbooze Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. is a service-based enterprise, headquartered in India working across the globe. The company operates with a mission ‘To improve the quality and standard of the Startup Ecosystem and also provide several other Professional Consultancy Services, by creating a Forum based on Working with Trust’. We not only circumscribe the services based on Startup Funding but also applaud the other Professional Consultancy Service areas. Our Other Professional Consultancy Services are:

  • Project Consultancy (Making of DPR's and Architectural Consultancy for big Construction Projects).

  • Startup Plans (Business-Plan, Financial-Plan, Marketing-Plan, Tailored Marketing-Plan, Investor's Pitching Deck).

  • Business Consultancy (Business Guidance for Startups).

  • Digital SEO Services (Digital Marketing, Dedicated Alexa Rank, Specific Visitors to the website, Google Page Ranking).

Investor's Forum

 If you are looking for Funds or Investments for your Startup/Business, then you are in the right place. INVESTOR'S FORUM is where a Startup/Business can raise Investments for their Company from 418+ Investors worldwide. It is a Forum where the Portfolio of a Startup/Business is being Showcased in front of 418+ Investors. If any of the Investors get interested in a Startup/Business, the Process of Funding starts, and a desired amount of funding is being raised by that Company. The funding amount varies from 100K USD to 100M USD for a single entity based on the stage of its Business Operations. Startup/Business have to Apply as a Startup in order to know whether they are eligible for the funding or not.

Startup Plans

We provide Startup Plans which include all the Plans required in order to raise funding not only from investors but also from banks or other private financiers. Here we provide everything in a curated and summarised way. It will include Certified B-plan, C.A. Certified Financial-Plan, Marketing-Plan, Tailored Marketing-Plan & the most important Investment Pitching Deck. All the Plans are made by the Top Experts of their respective fields. There will be no compromise in the quality of the products.

Digital SEO Services

We provide Digital SEO Services to the Startups/Business or Individual also. Our services include Digital marketing of the website, bringing the desired amount of authentic visitors to the website (varies based on the package purchased), Certified Global and Country-based Alexa Rank, Google Analytics Verified Users, Google Page Ranking ( On first 10 Pages on Google for several high-value keywords).

Project Consultancy Services

We provide Project Consultancy Services for Several Prestigious Construction Projects throughout the world. Our Services include DPR (Detailed Project Report), Architectural Consultancy, Appointment of Contractors. Drop us a mail at to get our portfolio of the Completed/Ongoing Projects we are linked with.

Business Consultancy Services

We provide Business Consultancy Services for Startups/Business. Our Services include Consultancy for a successful Startup Idea, Startup /Business Operational Consultancy (Queries regarding how to operate a Startup/Business), Startup Funding Consultancy, Appointment of Employees, Burning Session with our CEO.

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